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Daydream Library 

All of Daydream Daryl's books, cartoons and products are listed in the Daydream Library.

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Daydream Daryl and the Lemonade Business

Daydream Daryl knows the importance of children finding their passion, fostering a strong work ethic, and setting goals at an early age, and he is here to guide them every step of the way. With Daydream Daryl, your child will learn about entrepreneurship while using their vast imagination. Whether your child wants to create their own app or start a dog-walking business, their dreams are never out of reach and Daydream Daryl will help them realize that.

Daydream Daryl and the Chocolate Cake Lawyer

Daydream Daryl becomes a lawyer to defend his dog Popcorn of being accused of eating the chocolate cake that mom prepared for dinner. Daryl imagines himself standing in court and making his case to defend Popcorn’s honor. Does your child have the potential to be a lawyer? Help your child to dream big at a young age. Inspire your little one with this fun career book with beautiful illustrations for young readers.


Daydream Daryl and the Sunny Go Kart

Daydream Daryl will teach kids to think like an engineer! The engaging solar go kart project in this book will encourage kids to investigate using items from around the house to build something fun. Read about how Daryl’s imagination helps him to think critically and solve problems. Daryl is inspired by engineering hero Elon Musk in the delightful story of the Sunny Go Kart.

Daydream Daryl 3 Book Box Set with Plush Doll

These beautifully illustrated books follow Daryl and his adorable sidekick Popcorn as they take a magical journey to explore the endless potential in all of us. It’s an important reminder that maybe, just maybe, dreams were meant to come true! Receive a story box, three books and your very own Daydream Daryl plush doll.

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