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Our Story

Antuan Wilbon is excited to share his mission of introducing children to various professions at an early age.  As the CEO and founder of Arch Angel Services, which is a mental health company that provides telehealth services to children since 2005.  Mr. Wilbon understands the importance of children having a plan for the future and pursuing goals.  Daydream Daryl is a fun representation of Mr. Wilbon's imagination and passion for children becoming successful adults. 


About Daryl

Dayream Daryl knows the importance of children finding their passion, fostering strong work ethic, and setting goals at an early age, he is here to guide them every step of the way. With Daydream, your child will learn about numerous professions while using their vast imagination. Whether your child want to create their own app or start a dog-walking business, their dreams are never out of reach and Daydream Daryl will help them realize that.

"Passion and imagination are true gifts"

Antuan Wilbon

Cartoon Preview

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